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Is your POS Picking your pocket?

Software has come a long way, iPads iPhones and Android have changed the way we view applications. Even to the point that we now refer to them as apps, small inexpensive easy to use tools that we turn to everyday.

So why have point of sale systems not kept up?

Why do they still cost so much to set up, have monthly fees and then take a percentage of every transaction that you make?

Apart from your labour, equipment and rental costs your point of sale is possibly your next greatest expense. Isn’t it time that it was brought up to speed.

We have been providing back end systems for the Tyre Industry for 10 years and have applied what we have learnt to a new point of sale (POS) that can run on your networked or local PC, MAC, iPad or Android tablet or phone and give you remote access to your own system via the web. One user or many we can cater to your business or buying group’s needs.

But the good news is we don’t charge transaction fees and a single site computer set up starts from $81 per month and each subsequent computer adds $16 a month.

The payment system is built in so it also can do away with the need for an EFTPOS machine saving additional costs; there are fees from the Payment gateway but these are pretty low and charged directly to the outlet as per your businesses current relationship.

At its most basic, a POS system is like a digital cash register, performing all the operations a register would, but on a computer or mobile device.

Most POS software also incorporates tools for running nearly every aspect of your business such as inventory, store management, CRM, reporting etc. all in an easy-to-use and intuitive software suite.

How do you run point of sale software on any device?

Very easily! The screen is laid out intuitively so it makes sense for your business, making it easy to navigate through your inventory and add items to a sale. Or just scan barcodes with a supported scanner or using your iPhone.

The device is connected wirelessly to receipt printers and cash drawers, and can connect with a wide range of integrated card processing solutions.

We are not in the cloud, we are in your office on your device/s or on your groups network, it’s your data in your hands we make no claim to it. You are not limited by the speed that your internet service provider gives you and are not slowed down at the end of the day (your busiest time closing jobs) as the internet slows to a crawl as kids leave school and people leave work and log into their Netflix or start playing games and effectively stealing your bandwidth.

The software that you are probably using is designed by some guys by the beach, up north or overseas trying to keep up with the incredible speed that technology is running at. The software that we use is designed and owned by the guys that are changing technology, Apple and Microsoft, we, and therefore you, can’t be back by anyone much bigger.

Get your current data out, sure can, there is a cost but it’s not much and a one-time fee.

So what are we offering:

  • Lower upfront fees
  • No transaction fees
  • Small monthly investment
  • Access to your data on any device from anywhere
  • Always on the latest technology
  • Access to data in real-time
  • Both online and offline access
  • Integration with most accounting packages

Look for us on the web at www.eyet.com.au or email me rod@tyremarketers.com.au Don’t look for us on Twitter or Facebook, we don’t have time for that but we do have time for your business.

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